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Our  traps are designed to be the most effective hog
trap, while staying mobile and user friendly. All of
our traps are made of tough 1.5" angle iron that is
MIG welded together at a notched end to maximize
strength and durability. All traps are built and
distributed in Clinton, Louisiana
. All traps have a  
warranty against weld breakage for life.
Trap specifications:
  • 1.5" angle iron  and tube steel frames
  • Galvanized Hog panel sides
  • Galvanized Cattle panel tops, no bottoms
    to cover.
  • All welded parts, No wood or rope to break
  • Locking Doors on all drop door traps to
    prevent escape.
  • New Louisiana law states all hog traps
    must have a 23" by 23" opening in the top
    or 25" diameter.
Superior Hog Traps.com
Located at: 455 hwy 63
Clinton,LA 70722
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Wheel kits are available
on every model****
  • 2-13" wheels
  • Wheel slide away with
    a pull of a pin for the
    trap to sit flat.
  • Effortless
    mobilization to and
    from the field.
  • 1-7/8" or 2" hitch
  • Price: $150.00 per kit

Trap Rental also Available:
  • $100.00 a month
  • $200.00 deposit.